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ViCA Token is based on the ERC-20 standard and utilizes the Ethereum blockchain. ViCA token was launched with the concept of Noflation in mind where the platform will issue no more tokens and its value will be purely based on trust and market factors. ViCA token wasn’t distributed among investors through any kind of offerings i.e. ICOs, IEOs, etc. to raise initial capital. The platform also did not conduct any discounted sales of tokens so there are no risks of massive price fluctuations which is normally the case with other projects where investors cash out early dumping their portion. ViCA Foundation took the initial responsibility for operations and development and therefore no public or private investors were involved. Moving forward, the expenses and operational costs of the ViCA platform will be covered through the revenue generated from ViCA’s arbitrage trading solution.


ViBot is the arbitrage trading solution launched by ViCA Foundation and NROOTM Korea after three long years of testing and development. This automated trading solution is compatible with a variety of cryptocurrencies and exchanges to take benefit from the arbitrage of the varying prices of coins and tokens. ViBot is currently operational and performs arbitrage trading between Binance and Upbit to take advantage of the price discrepancies of Ethereum. ViBot is currently generating approximately 2% monthly profit from arbitrage trading and this revenue is partly invested in the operations of the ViCA platform and development of new ViCA products. The remaining revenue is allocated towards increasing the assets used for arbitrage trading. The arbitrage trading performed by ViBot is streamed live on our website here.


The number of users participating in our arbitrage trading solution is continuously increasing and we openly embrace new users willing to become a part of the ViCA community. Anyone with a specific amount of virtual assets can offer their assets to be utilized in arbitrage trading and can earn up to 1-4% profit as passive income each month which is not the case with any other traditional means of investments. You can also participate in arbitrage trading by simply holding a specific amount of ViCA Tokens in your wallet. A dedicated application for ViCA Token holders will be soon rolled out making it easy for anyone around the globe to become a part of our unique arbitrage trading solution.

Token Supply

ViCA token has a limited supply of 2 Billion tokens and no more tokens will be issued by the platform. Out of this supply, 90% of the tokens will be burned in the next few years through an automated algorithm that calculates the number of tokens to be burned keeping in mind the current price and remaining supply. The total circulating supply will only be limited to 200 Million tokens only after the scheduled burns are complete. ViCA doesn’t aim to raise any investments by offering a portion of the token supply to investors even in the future. The token price and its value will solely depend on the trust factors of token holders. However, future plans and upcoming events will surely add more value to the token increasing its adoption and popularity.

Burning (1,800,000,000 ViCAs)


Reserved holdings for ViCA's marketing, development and operation (100,000,000 ViCAs)


Providing liquidity to the market (64,000,000 ViCAs)


Initial Investor Distribution Quantity (36,000,000 ViCAs)


Vica Token

ViCA Token has realized an innovative virtual currency ecosystem. ViCA creates a verifiable trust system that moves toward transparent disclosure and completion of microfinance architectures.

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