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NFT Game Review: Gold Fever

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Team behind the project:

Gold Fever is developed by Bitter Cherry Productions, a game studio that is blending crypto and the gaming ecosystem. Emilian Ciocanea is the founder and CEO while Jan Szymanski is the Art Director of the game. They have more than 30 years of combined experience in managing big companies. Jan has previously worked with multiple companies building games and their GUIs.

Investors and Partnership Details:

The game was supported by major players in the crypto industry. It was crowdfunded as the game made its debut through the Launchpad of Huobi (Cryptocurrency Exchange) and DAO Maker. The IEO and IDO of Gold Fever were held in 2021.


Gold Fever is an exciting game developed on the Unreal Engine which features NFTs to decentralize the whole gameplay and its economy. The gameplay involves a haunted jungle and tough terrain where users search for gold and fight against their rivals. Users can choose to become adventurers who explore new places or tribals that defend their land against the adventurers. Players can further choose their roles of forager, sorcerer, hunter, warrior, prospector, etc. each having varying skills and strengths.

Users completely own the in-game items including land plots, weapons, buildings, vehicles, mining tools, and much more. These items can be traded on the NFT marketplace and can be rented to other players to earn rewards. Users can also become capitalists inside the game by purchasing the mining claims which are land plots and have hidden gold i.e. the native token of the game. These investors earn a portion of the token mined by the adventurers. The in-game reward token is NGL (Native Gold Token) which is mined during the adventure to several islands inside the game. NGL can be traded on major cryptocurrency exchanges and is used to upgrade in-game characters and buy NFTs. Users can earn through the game by holding NFTs and mining claims that generate passive income apart from the gold tokens that can be mined through the gameplay.

NGL Token is currently trading at around $0.24 with a market cap of more than $3.7 Million as of August 17 and is listed on popular platforms like KuCoin, Huobi Global, Uniswap, etc. The game will be initially governed by the developers but moving forward it will be governed and managed in a decentralized manner through the secondary token called JBR (JuliusΓÇÖ Brain).

Conclusive Arguments:

Gold Fever is a wonderful jungle-themed role-playing game where users wander through different islands to explore and mine the Gold tokens. They are met with strong resistance and have to fight their way out. Everything inside the game is decentralized through NFTs where users have complete ownership and even governance rights of land plots. The game is still in beta testing but the trailer and beta version looks extremely engaging with fascinating 3D graphics. Gold Fever will soon launch its NFT marketplace, wallet, and NFT collections.

Currently, the game has not much following but the future looks promising based on the concept of play-to-earn and the details that have emerged through the beta version. The native gold token is also struggling right now with just half a dollar value and a very limited market cap. The powerful decentralized economy and story behind the game are still interesting and can be a good chance for investors and users to become early adopters.

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