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What is ViCA Token? The Cryptocurrency Supported through Arbitrage Trading

Simply put, ViCA Token (VICA) is the native cryptocurrency of the ViCA platform, built on the Ethereum blockchain using the ERC-20 standard protocol.

ViCA platform works on an unprecedented business model supported through arbitrage trading. The platform utilizes ViBOT, a unique automated arbitrage trading solution developed and offered by NROOTM Korea. ViBOT makes use of different cryptocurrency exchanges including Upbit, Binance, Bittrex, and Bithumb, and supports several cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Ripple, USDT, Cardano, Litecoin, etc. ViBOT works to identify price differences of a virtual asset on different exchanges and then automatically executes buy and sell orders to take advantage of the price difference.

One versatile attribute of ViBOT is that it balances the amount of virtual assets at the end of each trading cycle reducing risks that may arise due to volatility in the market. Now one must be wondering whether the ViCA token has any utility in this arbitrage trading solution or not. The answer is Yes. The underlying assets in the arbitrage trading solution were initially provided by ViCA Foundation, the company behind the whole project. These funds have been generating a good amount of profit no matter the ups and downs in the market. In order to provide benefit to the general public through our unique arbitrage trading solution, ViCA Token was launched. Anyone holding a certain amount of ViCA Tokens can put up their virtual assets to be utilized in our ViBOT* and a probable profit will be generated which is way more than any other financial investment. Moreover, the revenue generated from our arbitrage trading solution is invested in the operations, development and marketing of new products that are linked with ViCA token consequently adding up to the value of ViCA token. This will be advantageous to all ViCA holders even if they are not interested in putting up their assets for arbitrage trading as with the addition of new products, the value of ViCA token will increase over time. Therefore, it is not only a cryptocurrency for arbitrage trading devotees but also for long-term investors.

Details of the ViCA Token (VICA):

The token was launched without any pre-sales or initial coin offerings eradicating the risks associated with most of the newly launched tokens where investors cash out early dumping the token’s price. Moreover, there are no plans to receive such investment in the future which may negatively impact the token’s value. Another characteristic of the ViCA token is that its price is driven naturally through the market factors as there is no party owning millions of tokens acquired through fundraisers so there is no fear of artificial pump and dump.

The total supply of ViCA tokens is 2 billion which may sound absurd but guess what, 90% of the supply will be burnt over time to continuously reduce the circulating supply. Of the remaining 200 Million tokens, 50% of tokens are reserved for ViCA’s marketing, development, and operation while 18% are allocated to the initial investors including the ViCA foundation, and only 32% of the tokens are provided as liquidity to the market.

The utility of the ViCA token doesn’t stop here as the ViCA ecosystem will gradually expand to introduce exclusive NFTs that can be utilized in the metaverse and the token will be used to purchase those NFTs.

ViCA token is already listed on multiple exchanges including Coinsbit, LBank, BitMart, and WhiteBit. So, don’t wait and become a part by joining the ViCA community on social media to remain updated with the latest developments and news.

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*Users residing inside Korea can participate in the arbitrage trading by providing API-KEY to their wallets which only gives transaction rights to our system. While, those outside Korea will have to wait for the launch of our exclusive e-wallet where they can hold their assets providing limited access to ViBOT to become a part of our arbitrage trading system.

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