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ViCA Token’s 3rd Burn Update | Successfully Completed on September 1st, 2022

A big update on ViCA Token’s burn schedule as we move one step closer to limiting our token’s circulating supply. As promised that 90% of the ViCA token’s supply will be removed from the market and burned to add more value to the ViCA token and provide benefits to its holder, the third and biggest burn of the ViCA token this year was successfully performed today dated 1st September 2022, burning a total of 124,847,729 ViCA tokens. The details of this burn are as follows:

· Burned Amount: 124,847,729 ViCA Tokens

· Percentage: 6.2% of the overall supply

· Burned Value in USD: $33,584,039

· Transaction ID:Click here

Although ViCA Token’s overall supply is 2 Billion tokens, 90% or 1.8 Billion tokens will be burned over the next few months to limit the token’s supply, increase scarcity and value of the token in the market. The two previous burns accounted for a collective amount of 1.2 Billion ViCA tokens and the third burn added 6.2% to the already burned amount. ViCA is a Noflation token with a limited supply which will also be decreased over time. The revenue generated from ViBOT or ViCA’s arbitrage trading solution plays an important part in this burning process as a part of the revenue is allocated to buy back ViCA from the market and conduct scheduled burns ultimately benefitting the token holders. The details of the total burns carried out are mentioned below:

· 1st Burn: 1,000,000,000

· 2nd Burn: 200,000,000

· 3rd Burn: 124,847,729

Total Burned percentage: 66% of the overall supply

Total tokens burned: 1,324,847,729 (1.32 Billion)

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ViCA Token’s 3rd Burn Update | Successfully Completed on September 1st, 2022

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