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Characteristics of ViCA’s Arbitrage Trading System

Arbitrage trading is not a new concept as it has been in the traditional market for ages. Traders buy goods at a certain price from one market and then sell them in another market pocketing the price difference. It is also widely practiced in forex and stock market where users buy shares and currencies at a lower price from the market and then sell it immediately in another market where the prices are slightly higher. With the development and introduction of cryptocurrencies, arbitrage trading has now taken a new pathway. With hundreds of centralized and decentralized exchanges available in the market, the arbitrage opportunity has increased a lot as small exchanges and decentralized exchanges that purely work on the basis of liquidity available always lag behind and sometimes struggle to keep up with the rapidly changing prices of different cryptocurrencies.

There are multiple types of arbitrage trading in the crypto market including spatial, cross-exchange, triangular, etc. that employ different strategies to take profits. ViCA utilizes the cross-exchange method of arbitrage trading utilizing two different exchanges to execute buy and sell orders instantly. ViCA’s unique arbitrage trading solution known as ViBOT is compatible with multiple exchanges like Binance, Bittrex, Upbit, and Bithumb. ViBOT is fully functional since last year and is continuously executing arbitrage trades between Binance and Upbit. ViBOT or ViCA’s arbitrage trading solution has some unique characteristics which eradicate any risks of loss or volatility impact on the virtual assets used to conduct trading. Some of these properties or characteristics are discussed below.

· ViBOT is compatible and can execute trades with several cryptocurrencies including the major ones namely Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, ADA, Dogecoin, Litecoin, EOS, and many more. The currently operational automated system is using Ethereum and Tether USDT to conduct trades between Upbit and Binance.

· The market volatility or price fluctuations do not matter and doesn’t impact the revenue generated through arbitrage trading as ViBOT rebalances the number of ETH after the end of each trade cycle.

· ViBot executes a buy and sell order simultaneously to complete a trade cycle keeping the amount of ETH the same and increasing the amount of USDT. As the ETH is held in the wallet and therefore it can be treated as a long-term investment too which will be profitable in the long run.

· As ViBOT uses the cross-exchange arbitrage trading technique, therefore, the availability of two exchanges is necessary. But ViBOT doesn’t transfer funds between both exchanges so there are no issues of exchange fee, transfer fee, and the gas fee which may incur while sending funds from one exchange’s wallet to another.

Anyone who wishes to earn passive income can become a part of the ViCA community and can invest their virtual assets which can be used for arbitrage trading. ViBOT doesn’t require users to transfer their funds rather it only needs the API key which offers transaction rights only and the transaction history is recorded in the user’s wallet along with complete control over their assets.

If you are looking to become a part of this unprecedented business model and unique arbitrage trading solution offered by ViCA Foundation and NROOTM KOREA, be a part of the ViCA Community now or buy ViCA Tokens to enjoy exclusive benefits.

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