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VICA Token Successfully Listed on Two more Exchanges!

ViCA foundation is committed to ensure the growth of VICA token by expanding its infrastructure to reach newer markets. The token opened its trading operations by entering into the decentralized world through the listing of the token on the popular and reputable platform Uniswap mainly for the DeFi enthusiasts.

After a successful launch of the VICA token on Uniswap, the project is looking forward to growing its user base by providing trading opportunities to centralized exchange users too. Keeping under consideration this commitment, ViCA was successfully listed on Coinsbit followed by its launch on LBank and BitMart Exchange too.

Both BitMart and LBank Exchange have a 24 hr. trading volume of more than $1 billion and cater to a huge audience of 2.2Million and 6.4 Million respectively. With our partnership with LBank Exchange, the token will be able to reach the massive Chinese Market ensuring limitless growth. Moreover, these global digital assets platforms are easily accessible, reliable, and trustworthy options for the users who look for security and ease of use as in centralized platforms. You can easily start your trading with USDT or multiple other options available on all these exchanges. Follow the links below to become one of the earliest holders of VICA Token to enjoy limitless growth.





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