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Team behind the Project:

MIR4 is developed by a South Korea-based game development company called Wemade Co. Ltd. Park Kwan Ho is the founder of the company and also the creator behind the game. Park has been associated with the gaming industry for the past two decades as he released his first game titled ΓÇ£Legend of MIRΓÇ¥ in 2004 which gathered over 500M users worldwide. Jang Hyeon-guk is the CEO of the company.


There are no official audit details available regarding the smart contracts of the MIR 4 Game.

Investor Details:

The game is backed by a major South Korean Game development company Wemade which has a significant number of investors. These include Iskra, Altava Group, Sygnum, Kasa, and Kakao Corp.


MIR 4 is a play-to-earn blockchain game developed by a Korean company called Wemade. The game uses the companyΓÇÖs native blockchain WEMIX network to introduce the NFT factor in it. MIR 4 is inspired and based on the gameplay of a popular game Legends of MIR which was released back in the 2000s. Users can choose characters from different classes to fight against monsters and other players inside the fantasy realm world.

Players can set their game at autoplay to complete different quests, battles, and competitions without intervening which is although an aspect of most combat games. Inside the game, users can earn in-game items which are represented through NFTs. Users complete different missions to mine Darksteel, which is an essential resource of the game used for participating in different clans and updating the skill set of the characters. Players can convert their Darksteel into the gameΓÇÖs main utility token called DRACO.

However, over 100,000 Darksteel are equivalent to 1 DRACO token which can be then sold for fiat money on different exchanges. DRACO is also used to purchase in-game NFTs and other items inside the game. DRACO has a current circulating supply of 88,888,888 tokens. DRACO or DT token is currently trading at $0.0002. The token is the main gateway of MIR 4 toward the play-to-earn concept.

Conclusive Arguments:

This legend of MIR-inspired game has fascinating graphics and a lot of different and unique characters to choose from to participate in the gameplay. The game is available both in web and mobile versions with 12 different language options.

Users can convert their mined Darksteel into DRACO tokens to earn cryptocurrencies however, a player must reach level 40 to start earning rewards which is a major setback and a grind of the game. The auto-combat and auto-mining features allow users to fight and mine resources without actually controlling their character. This aspect is helpful but makes the gameplay boring in the long run. The game has a huge following and user base but has plenty of negative reviews listed on Steam. Most of the features inside the game arenΓÇÖt accessible as they are limited to certain levels.

MIR 4 launched as an interesting game but the negative reviews and least interest from users over time have led to its decline. If you are an RPG game fan, you can check out MIR 4 but the tokenomics of the game arenΓÇÖt much fruitful.

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