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NFT Game Review: Sorare

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Team behind the project:

The team behind Sorare is completely doxxed and consists of Football Fans who aim to introduce blockchain into traditional games. Nicolas Julia and Adrien Montfort are the co-founders of Sorare. Both of them have years of experience in managing big firms and have also served previously in a blockchain enterprise company, Stratumn.


There are no official audit reports available on SorareΓÇÖs smart contracts. However, according to OpenGem, an NFT auditing, and grading platform, the overall GEM Score for Sorare NFTs is 80/100 which is way better than many other popular projects.

Investor Details:

Sorare Game is funded by more than 35 popular investors and it has raised over $700 Million in funding. Some acclaimed investors include Antoine Griezmann, Accel, Bossa Nova Investimentos, Kima Ventures, Benchmark, etc.


Sorare is one of the most popular fantasy soccer games and the only one to feature NFTs and utilize blockchain as its core technology. Sorare is based on the Ethereum blockchain and allows users to own digital player cards in the form of Non-Fungible tokens. The gameplay inside Sorare is to build up a team consisting of 5 players each week using the NFT cards a user owns. The real-world performances of those players in that week count towards the in-game points of the userΓÇÖs team.

Sorare has partnered with around 245 official football clubs and features their players inside the game. These players are represented through digital NFT cards and it includes some famous ones too i.e. Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Kylian Mbappe, etc. Users can trade, buy or sell these NFT cards inside the game as well as on other NFT marketplaces. The most expensive Sorare card was of Cristiano Ronaldo which went out for around $100,000 in the auction but the buyer later sold it again for around $400,000 on a third-party marketplace.

The player or user acts as the manager inside the game buying different players and selecting a team for different regional and national leagues. At the end of each week, a manager whose team has the highest scores based on the real-world performances of the players is offered rewards in the form of cryptocurrencies i.e. ETH or some rare player cards. Users can also earn through Sorare by trading NFT player cards, purchasing them cheaply during the off-season or when a player isnΓÇÖt performing, and selling it at a higher price later when there is demand for the player. By the end of last year, Sorare managed to attract over 1 Million users with more than 270,000 users playing it each month. Until December 2021, more than 90,000 users were involved in buying in-game Sorare NFTs.

Conclusive Arguments:

Sorare was launched back in 2018 with an exciting concept and has managed to become worthy of more than $4 billion. This blockchain-based game has hit the right cords by blending NFTs, fantasy soccer sports, real-life soccer, and blockchain gaming. One aspect of the game is exciting for the users that is the connection between the real on-field performances of the players and their points inside the game.

Sorare has partnered with Real Madrid, Bundesliga, LaLiga, Liverpool, and many other acclaimed clubs and leagues which has added to its popularity and user base. Fantasy games are already quite popular and generate millions of dollars in revenue and Sorare has wonderfully managed to tap this growing market by introducing blockchain and NFTs in it. The game offers 12 free digital cards for users to first practice and master the gameplay while in order to compete against other teams, one has to spend some money to acquire rare and super rare cards. If you are a soccer fan and always keep a check on players and their performances in the real world, then Sorare is definitely the game for you that promises fun and earning at the same time.

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