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Introducing Octoverse NFTs | A Step Towards Building a Robust Community of Artists, Gamers, and Web3 Enthusiasts

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Despite the fears of recession and macroeconomic instability in the following year, venture capitalists and angel investors are pouring money into startups and companies that are working on web3 utilizing modern tech and resources including blockchain technology. In the first quarter of 2022, more than $14 billion was invested in blockchain businesses associated with web3 development. However, many experts believe that there is a lack of talent in the web3 space that can assist these businesses and startups to reach their goals. The fact is that many people including the grassroots communities lack awareness, knowledge, and opportunities to enter the web3 space. There is no particular platform that is educating and empowering the upcoming generation of artists, creators, and innovators to safely navigate through this space by utilizing their skills, abilities, and talent.

Keeping under consideration the void and shortcomings in this space, the Octoverse team has introduced Octoverse NFTs, a community-driven platform where newbies will have the opportunity to learn, interact and grow in a friendly environment with experts belonging to the blockchain, NFTs, and web3 space. Octoverse NFT is a collection of 5555 Furious Octopuses built on the Ethereum blockchain. The Octoverse community consisting of NFT holders will be a blend of artists, creators, and innovators from the gaming, art, design, and web3 industry.

The current NFT market is flooded with meaningless and unsustainable collections with no applications or use cases in real or digital life. Octoverse NFT is a unique step with use cases in both worlds as it will not only provide holders the opportunity to earn through gaming in metaverse but will also foster the upcoming generation of artists to gain exposure and showcase their artwork. Octoverse NFT holders will have exclusive access to our first competition-based racing game Octokart and their NFT Octopus will be their character/avatar inside the gameplay. They will be able to participate in this adrenaline-filled racing game and will have the opportunity to earn $WRLD tokens through weekly tournaments and events.

Moreover, the holders will gain lifetime access to the private channels of the Octoverse community that will feature tutorials, guides, and articles to provide web3 knowledge. Our community consists of experts that will mentor and guide the newbies who are willing to garnish their web3 expertise and skills. This step will effectively remove the hurdles in the growth potential of blockchain and web3 space and its access to relevant talent. Not only web3, but our community will also provide insights to NFT trading for NFT enthusiasts along with tricks and necessary calls for action. Despite the popularity and adoption, NFTs are still misunderstood and not many comprehend their true worth, Octoverse promises to create a positive environment for like-minded individuals whether they are new or experts to share their knowledge with other community members and create a room full of opportunities, education, and empowerment of each other.

Apart from the benefits highlighted above, NFT holders will also have the intellectual property and commercial rights to utilize the Octopus NFTs in their business or private activities without worrying about any trademark issues or association with the Octoverse team. All these proceedings are just an initial stride before we develop our exclusive decentralized web3 and gaming ecosystem. In the near future, Octoverse NFT holders will enjoy many more benefits not ignoring the access to merch store and free NFT drops. Stay tuned for our Octokart game launch and our first Octoverse NFT genesis collection that will be available for mint very soon. Link to our website:

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