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NFT Game Review: SIDUS Heroes

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Team behind the project:

The team behind this game is completely doxxed and you can find the details on their website. Dan Khomenko, Andrey Sudarikov, Dmitry Andreev, Roman Povolotski, and Djenan Ramchilovich are the co-founders of SIDUS. Their team consists of highly skilled professionals with years of experience in the gaming as well as blockchain industry.


SIDUS Heroes gameΓÇÖs smart contract and source code has been audited by multiple companies including CertiK and Metabay. The audit reports can be accessed here:

Investor Details:

SIDUS Heroes has partnered with more than 200 Venture Capital Funds, Crypto investors, and business firms. The company recently raised 21 million dollars through private and public funding. The notable investors include Animoca Brands, Alameda Research, OKEX, Polygon, Bloktopia, Master Ventures, Unity Ventures, X99 Ventures, and Oddiyana Ventures.


SIDUS Heroes is a new gaming metaverse that is based on the play-to-earn concept. SIDUS Heroes game has been built exceptionally with engaging gameplay competing with the AAA-level traditional video games. Users can take part in different gameplays including exploration of space, battles, political and social activities, and settlements. Users can select different NFT creatures to fight alone or form teams to battle against the enemy in the arena. The in-game creatures called the Heroes can get rewards upon winning the fights in the native token of the game.

Users can also choose to become farmers or builders developing infrastructure to mine resources and in-game items that can be traded on the marketplace. They can also win other playersΓÇÖ trust to become political leaders and make decisions inside the metaverse. Users need to own NFT heroes to enter the game that are 6000 unique creatures with 13 rare traits currently trading at a floor price of 0.145 ETH. Some of these NFTs can also be used for staking purposes earning rewards and minting more NFTs. During the interstellar exploration, users may find different animals that can be purchased, raised, and trained to defend them during the battles.

The game consists of two tokens SENATE and SIDUS tokens. SIDUS is the gaming as well as the reward token, it is also used on the marketplace to buy tools, weapons, clothes, etc., or to upgrade the skills and abilities of the Heroes. SIDUS token has a total supply of 30 Billion tokens with a current market cap of $6 Million as of August 20. While SENATE is the governance token used for making decisions regarding the progress and future development of the metaverse. It can also be used to purchase land plots, spaceships, etc. inside the gaming metaverse. SENATE token has a total supply of 300 Million tokens and a market cap of $1 Million.

Conclusive Arguments:

SIDUS Heroes is the first game developed using WebGL coupled with interactive 2D and 3D visuals and graphics. The game is not like any other role-playing game as it has a variety of gameplays including battles, becoming farmers, builders, politicians, tourists, and even scientists. SIDUS Heroes is an AAA-level NFT game with adrenaline action and an engaging storyline.

The game offers a variety of income streams and is a truly entertaining and interactive game that will let you play it for hours. The game requires at least buying one Heroes NFT to access and start playing using the browser only. Keeping under consideration the budget, the graphics, cool narratives, and the hype for this gaming metaverse, it is highly recommended.

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