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NFT Game Review: Dragonary

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Team behind the Game:

DragonaryΓÇÖs team is completely doxxed, Alejo Chababo and Yohan Graterol are the co-founders of Dragonary. Both of these individuals have plenty of experience in the blockchain and crypto industry developing and managing some popular projects. Yohan is a software developer and has worked on some notable projects including Ethereum Commonwealth and Ethereum Classic. He is also the co-founder of Callisto Network, which is a blockchain ecosystem with some unique features. The game is backed by a game development company, Coinary Ltd.


The gameΓÇÖs smart contracts were audited by Callisto and CertiK. The audit report identified one low severity issue while there was no critical security risk on Dragonary smart contract. Further details on the audit can be accessed here:


Dragonary is a play-to-earn NFT game developed on the Binance Smart Chain and created by a popular game development company, Coinary LTD. The gameplay consists of dragons with unique abilities and rare skills that take part in the battle. Users can create an army of these dragons, train them, and enhance their skills to win battles against other players. The dragons are the NFTs with unique characteristics and appearance, they can be traded on marketplaces and can also be bred inside the game. There are seven different types of dragons that have rare traits with each of them having two abilities that perform certain roles during the gameplay.

The success of any user inside the game depends on their collection of in-game items and the power of their army of dragons. Coinary token (CYT) is a BEP-20-based and native utility token of the game. Players can earn CYT tokens by playing the game and completing daily quests and missions. These tokens are also used to purchase items from the gameΓÇÖs marketplace. A certain number of CYT tokens are distributed among the players each day depending upon their missions and daily progress.

CYT token has a total supply of 1 billion with a current price of $0.0063 and a total market cap of around $1.38 Million as reported by CoinMarketCap depending upon the current circulating supply.

Conclusive Arguments:

Dragonary is a free-to-play NFT game with exciting gameplay that involves customizing and preparing an army of dragons and also breeding them to enhance their skills and powers. The game is not completely decentralized like other blockchain games as there is no need for a third-party wallet like MetaMask and can be easily downloaded on mobile or desktop.

A user doesnΓÇÖt have to invest to start playing as every player is offered free dragons but you can always purchase better dragons and other in-game items from the marketplace. Users can play it manually or also choose to enable automated gameplay. Completing five missions a day makes a user eligible to earn some CYT tokens. The amount of token distributed depends heavily on the rarity of dragons a user has. So, a player with rare dragons earns a significant portion of the CYT tokens daily while others have to grind a lot to make some earnings through the game.

Although the game is free-to-play, there are a lot of features that need to be unlocked by spending some money. Moreover, the reward distribution also forces users to buy rare dragons to increase their incentives. This whole concept seems like an attempt to grab usersΓÇÖ money as free players hardly manage to earn some CYT tokens. Moreover, the very low price tag of CYT tokens makes the game less favorable. If you are fond of battle and role-playing games, you can give Dragonary a try but the gameplay seems more like the traditional games where users have to buy different packs and unlock features.

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